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Coastal Noise - Podcast

Jul 7, 2018

Robby D'Angelo is the founder of RISE Up and the author of “The Struggle Is Real”. He is a Results Coach, public speaker, and podcaster. In this episode we discuss: Nature Gourmet Farm's Giveaway, Robby's RISE UP foundation (a mental/physical health program for schools), connecting with kids and helping to make a difference for the future, Escaping the Victim Mentality, Gun Control, Regulating Emotions, Avoiding External Validation, Perception is Reality, Robby's Time in LA, Living in Duality, Biohacking, Dr. Shawn Baker and Meat Eating, Sugar (Drug?). Hosted by Stefan Lawson. 7/3/18. Subscribe to Coastal Noise on YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes.

We may do the next podcast live. Tune into Coastal Noise on Facebook this Sunday at 6pm if we do go live for the Jim Pinkston podcast featuring former employees David Knorr of David Knorr's School of Music, guitar repairman Ryan Yobos, and Jim Pinkston's son.