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Coastal Noise - Podcast

Apr 7, 2018

Shownotes: (Pre-show: Check out Eddie Dixon's new album "Coinstar") Dobson's last six months in office, recent challenges, social media and online debates, The State Flag (pt. 1), KKK Video, The Crew of Apollo (New Orleans), Replacing Primal Instinct with Inflatted Media, The State Flag (pt. 2), Banaroo, Nashville and the Tennessee Titans, Stefan's Cross-Country Travels, Van Life <now> Truck Life, Travels to South America, Cuba, and India, TV Shows(I Love Lucy, Bloodline, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Atypical, Love, 11/22/63, Counterpoint, Coherence), Facebook Data Breaches, Virtual Reality and Video Games: Assassins Creed, Madden, PUBG, Goldeneye, SUPERHOT. Hosted by Stefan Lawson. 3/31/18

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